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Full-time UK Education

Full time education in the UK


Why should you choose a boarding school or college in the United Kingdom?

  • They offer an excellent education in a stable and safe country
  • The UK independent school system develops high academic success, independence and social responsibility
  • You can expect the latest teaching methods in small classes, with excellent facilities, a wide choice of subjects and courses, and concern for your child’s welfare
  • Sport and cultural activities are considered important to a broad education
  • Most UK boarding schools have long experience of catering for the needs of pupils from a range of nationalities
  • For children with special educational needs (SEN), the provision in schools accredited by the Independent schools Council is first rate


More and more of our summer school students are looking to continue their full-time education in the UK and where better to do that, than at the same school or in the same city where they attended that unforgettable summer course!

Here are our top recommendations for full-time pre-university study in the UK: