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Summer Programme Test

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  • English Test

  • Source: PET Practice Test Plus, L Hashami and B Thomas, Longman 2003

    Choose the picture that the sentences shown below describe.

    For example: They're playing music ... the correct answer is D

  • Which word ends in the same sounds as the first word?

    For example: One
  • A - Home
  • B - Sun (Correct answer)
  • C - Nine
  • D - Phone

  • Choose the correct word / phrase to fill the gap

    For example: I went ___________ London last week
  • A - on
  • B - for
  • C- in
  • D - to (correct answer)

  • Find the wrong word in the sentence

    For example: I don't be want to see the football match.
  • A - to
  • B - match
  • C - the
  • D - be (correct answer)

  • Which phrase means the same as the first phrase?

    For example: How are things?
  • A - How do these things work?
  • B - Where are my things?
  • C - What do you like?
  • D - How are you feeling? (Correct answer)

  • Put the correct phrase in the gap.

    For example: Hi, I'm Kate. I __________ and I'm a dancer.
  • A - in Bristol live
  • B - live in Bristol (correct answer)
  • C - Bristol live in
  • D - Bristol in live

  • Read this text;

    Actor Johnny Depp, 39, lives with his wife (0), French actress Vanessa Paradis, and their (41) two children, Lily-Rose and Jack, aged five and two (42). Wanting their children to be near their (43) cousins, they bought a house in southern France. Johnny remarks about it, "We didn't want something that you'd (44) instantly recognise as a celebrity home." Indeed, it's (45) not a large place by the standards of a typical movie star (46) and has no swimming pool in the garden. But this (47) is not a problem for the kids because in a few minutes they can get to the sea, which (48) is a hundred metres down the road.

    "Vanessa and I (49) have everything we want right here. This is the lifestyle I have always dreamed of since I was at school. My father has asked me to move back to Los Angeles, but we love it here and I promised Vanessa that nothing will ever make me do so (50)."

  • What do the underlined words mean in the text?

    For example: wife (0)
  • A - Jack
  • B - Johnny Depp
  • C - Vanessa Paradis (correct answer)
  • D - Lily-Rose

  • Writing Exercise (15 minutes)

    Tell us about your favourite holiday / vacation.

    Write about:

  • - the place, the time, the people;
  • - why you enjoyed it so much;
  • - other places you would like to visit in the future.

  • When you have finished your work please press the submit button. (You may wish to copy your written exercise prior to submission).

    You will get a mark for your multiple choice. Your written exercise will be marked separately.