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Parent Consent Documents

You will receive the following documents as part of your booking confirmation:

Parental Responsibility Authority

You are required to complete and sign this form to provide the appropriate authority to the pastoral care team to authorise emergency treatment whilst your child is at the Centre.

In the unlikely event that this should be necessary every attempt will be made to contact the parents in advance, either directly or via an agent (if an agent is involved).   For this reason it is very important that we have direct contact details for the parents, even if they are not confident in speaking English.

Medical Form

You should use this form to inform us of any medical conditions that might affect your child during their stay, including permission for swimming.  This should include any specific medication so that we can ensure your child maintains their regime during their stay.

These forms need to be returned to us as soon as possible.  Scanned copies are acceptable.

Travel Consent Form

Border Control officials are mindful of young children travelling alone or in groups without an adult and consequently are likely to ask for details of who is meeting the child at the airport and their final destination within the UK.  This is not an immigration issue, rather it is an issue of ensuring the safety of minors travelling through the Border Control.

In our experience, if your child has the signed Travel Consent Form with them when they travel they are unlikely to experience any delays at Immigration.

It is advisable for you to send us a copy but it is not essential.