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Frequently Asked Questions

Please select the frequently asked questions that we have been asked by previous parents and students:

Will my child be met at the airport on arrival and taken back to the airport when they leave? 2017-04-10T09:13:32+00:00

Yes. For individual students who have requested an airport or station transfer service, they will be met at the airport by a staff member or taxi driver arranged by Experio Life. The person will be carrying an official sign, with the student’s name and the name of the centre they are going to.

At the end of the stay, your son or daughter will be accompanied back to the airport, and given help to go through the airport check-in process. If your child has booked the UM (unaccompanied minor) service, the staff member or driver will wait at the airport until the flight has departed.

Students who are travelling with a group will be met at the airport (or station) by one of the centre staff, who will carry a sign with the Group Leader’s name, Agency name and centre name on it.

Are all meals provided? 2017-04-10T09:13:32+00:00

Yes. 3 meals a day are provided on-site with plenty of options.

On excursions students will receive a packed lunch or meal vouchers. Menus take into account the amount of activity and sport played. Vegetarian options are offered as well as choices of hot meat or fish dishes, seasonal vegetables, salads, bread, desserts and fruit.

Will my child be allowed off-site? 2015-11-01T13:27:31+00:00

Children are not routinely allowed off site unless they are accompanied by centre staff and/or a Group Leader. They can be signed out by a parent or relative with prior warning and permission from the Centre Manager.

Who will my child be sharing a room with? 2017-04-10T09:13:32+00:00

We arrange room shares by age. We have a strict policy on age and gender- sharing in rooms. We try to accommodate room requests where we can but this cannot be guaranteed and we look for your understanding when this is not possible.

Is there internet or Wi-FI available on site? 2015-11-01T13:29:14+00:00

Depending on the venue, children can either access free Wi-Fi around the campus or have access to an IT computer room. The times of use are limited.

Is there a laundry service on site? 2015-11-01T13:29:49+00:00

Yes. Depending on the venue, this is either a free service provided by the school or a small fee is required to use the laundrette. Staff will ensure children are putting out their clothes to be washed or taking them to the laundrette.

Does my child need a certain level of English? 2015-11-01T13:29:38+00:00

For Vacation, Film-making and Sports Courses:

No.  We encourage you to prepare your child that he/she will be spoken to in English for the majority of time on camp. Children are put into English teaching groups based on ability after submitting our online entry test or being tested on arrival.


For Academic and IELTS Preparation Courses and Work Experience:

Yes.  There is an online English test that must be taken under exam conditions.  The minimum pass mark is 16 out of 30 and the result will be required when making a booking (please make sure the test is taken prior to completing the booking form).

A good level of English is required in order that the student is able to participate fully in the course classes.

What happens if my child is unwell or injured? 2015-11-01T13:29:30+00:00

Our staff will assess the severity of the child’s condition. We will make the decision as to whether the child needs to see a doctor or needs treatment at the local hospital.

If emergency treatment is needed, we make every effort to contact parents/guardians beforehand.

Please make sure that you sign and return the Parental Responsibility Authorisation to enable the fastest response to medical needs in emergency circumstances.

What happens to my child’s passport and valuables? 2015-11-01T13:30:04+00:00

We ask for passports, tickets, money and valuables when they check in. All valuables will be kept in the office / camp safe and given out at certain times of the day.

Can my child stay for more than 4 weeks? 2015-11-01T13:30:14+00:00

All our summer courses last between 2 and 4 weeks, so if students would like to stay for longer, they can book 2 different courses and stay for a total of 5 or 6 weeks.

Which day and what time should my child arrive and depart? 2015-11-01T13:30:21+00:00

For Clifton and Bromsgrove, all students should arrive and depart on a Tuesday. We arrange airport transfers on an individual and small group basis so students can arrive and depart at anytime on a Tuesday but we would recommend lunchtime or early afternoon for airport arrivals and departures. If you are accompanying your child to the centre by car or by public transport, we recommend that you arrive between 14:00 and 17:00 on a Tuesday.

For San Diego, students should arrive and depart on a Sunday except for departures on 31.07.2016 which should be postponed until 01.08.2016 in order to complete the weekend in Los Angeles. We arrange airport transfers on an individual and small group basis so students can arrive and depart at anytime on a Sunday but we would recommend lunchtime or early afternoon for airport arrivals and departures.



My child will be 13 this year but after the summer. Can they still attend the Clifton Summer School as an individual student? 2015-11-01T13:30:38+00:00

Yes. We can accept individual students provided that they will turn 13 before the end of the year. At Bromsgrove, we can accept individual students from 8 years old.


My child has booked a Sports Course. What equipment should they bring? 2015-11-01T13:30:56+00:00

Our Professional Sports Coaches can provide tennis rackets, golf clubs and footballs if required but your child should bring the appropriate clothing and footwear.



Can a student leave the centre to visit a relative or family friend? 2015-11-01T13:31:04+00:00

Yes, but Experio Life must be notified by the first parent/guardian in advance and in writing (enquiries@experiolife.com). Parents, relatives or friends, who accompany the student away from the centre will be asked to provide formal identification (passport) and a contact number in case of emergency.

What is the Damage & Misbehaviour deposit? 2017-04-10T09:13:32+00:00

A £30 refundable damage deposit is taken when every student arrives at the centre.

Provided that the student causes no malicious damage and respects the Summer School Rules during their stay, the full amount will be refunded when the student leaves the centre.

NB. by making the booking, the parents confirm that they and their child have read, understood and agree to behave according to the rules. The consequences for a student who, despite being warned, continues to break the rules will be very serious and Experio Life reserves the right to remove a student from the programme, withhold their deposit and to send them home at their parents’ expense, without a refund of course fees.

How do I contact my child when they are at the centre? 2015-11-01T13:31:14+00:00

Before your child leaves home, they will be sent the pre-course information pack, which gives you the contact details of the centre, the emergency phone number, and information about the best time to contact your child while they are at the centre. Our staff will help your child contact you when they have arrived.



How much pocket money should my child bring? How is pocket money kept safe? 2014-10-18T08:25:12+00:00

Under normal circumstances, we would suggest between £70 – £100 per week for each student to take as pocket money unless your child wants to buy something specific in England, in which case you will know how much money to give them.

We strongly advise that all students leave their pocket money, passports, flight tickets and any other valuables with the centre staff on arrival. These will be securely locked in the office safe. Students may then collect their pocket money from the centre staff at agreed times.



What should I pack for summer school? 2017-04-10T09:13:32+00:00

Please download our suggested list here.  This contains all essential and recommended items you need to bring with you. In addition, please make sure your child brings any medication, if he or she needs them.

My child needs a special diet. Is it possible for the centres to cater for different diets? 2015-11-01T13:31:28+00:00

Yes, all the Experio Summer Schools can cater for different dietary requirements, as long as we are told in advance i.e. preferably at the time of booking. Please use the “Special Requirements” section of the registration form for this information.




My child has to take daily medication. Can someone supervise this? 2015-11-01T13:40:34+00:00

Yes, of course. Please provide us with a detailed description of your child’s condition and the medication that s/he is required to take e.g. the dosage, the frequency and any special storage requirements.

Can I pay by credit card? 2017-04-10T09:13:32+00:00

Credit card payments along with domestic bank transfer for many countries can be made using our payment gateway online via Baydonhill Foreign Exchange.  All charges are quoted in advance and preferential exchange rates have been negotiated with Baydonhill on behalf of our clients.

Please follow this link: